Entre-lack of interest

I think we all have things we hate for absolutely no reason other than that we hate them.  (This can go for people, too, but that’s entirely unrelated to this post, so I digress.)  And because this is a knitting blog, and the whole point of it is to talk about me + knitting = happy, here’s one thing about knitting that makes me unhappy:


Ugh, the devil stitch.  I can’t even explain to you why I hate entrelac, especially because I’ve never even tried it!  But there is just something so off-putting about it.  To me, it doesn’t seem neat, but rather like someone just threw a bunch of different colors together into a knitting project and decided to call it a day.

I’m determined to one day make something with the entrelac stitch and see if that changes my mind at all.  I know that it’s not particularly difficult, and with proper instructions can easily be accomplished, but I’m going to be like a toddler and say, “But I don’t wannaaaa!”  Maybe it’s like acquiring a taste for a food you didn’t think you’d like, or finding out that the person you hated in high school was, in fact, just misunderstood.

Time will tell, I guess.  Who knows when that entrelac pattern will enter my life, but I’m kind of not really at all looking forward to it.

EDIT:  Okay, after thinking about this for a minute or two, I think I’ve decided that I just don’t like entrelac with a bunch of bright colors together.  Because in looking at patterns on Ravelry for entrelac, I found this one, and I like the one with the neutral colors FAR MORE than I do the one with the bright colors.  Ah, the mysteries of the universe.