Bird's Eye Scarf (free pattern!)

NOTE: This pattern has been edited as of November 21, 2014. Thanks to Leslie for asking the question that made me realize my error! You should be repeating rounds 1 & 2 once more after doing 18 repeats of the stitch pattern, not repeating rounds 9 & 10. I apologize for the error.

You’ll need:
Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn - 2 skeins of Oxford Grey (A), and 1 skein each of Seaspray (B) and Fisherman (C)
Size 13 circular needles, 36”-40”
1 large stitch marker

Holding all yarns double
, cast on 168 stitches using A
Join in the round, place marker, and knit a K2P2 rib for 7 rounds
Knit one round

Begin the stitch pattern:
Round 1: *sl1, K1, rep from * around
Round 2: Knit
Round 3:  *K1, sl1, rep from * around
Round 4:  Knit

Repeat these 4 rounds 18 times, changing yarn color every two rounds.  Repeat rounds 1 & 2 once more in color A.  (If you’re using only two colors or more than three colors, just make sure to end your pattern repeats with the color of your ribbing.)

Knit a K2P2 ribbing for 7 rounds
Bind off.
Block lightly.

And that's it!  It's a really easy knit but looks stunning.  I've used it lots of times, and I love playing around with the colors.

Enjoy!  As always, please let me know if you see any errors or if you’re having trouble with the pattern.  And if you make one, I’d love to see a photo.  Email me at, and let me know whether or not I can post it on this blog.

© Maggie McGuire, 2013
Please feel free to make this scarf to give as a gift or to sell.