14 Shawls in '14: Happy Street

Back in March, I made my first ever trip to Purl Soho in Manhattan [and blogged about it here]. Purl Soho is one of those shops that yarn and fiber enthusiasts seem to just know. And I'm almost positive it's because the free patterns they publish on their blog have such a big presence on Ravelry, which is most certainly how I initially found out about the shop.

Maybe a week before visiting the shop, I had purchased the pattern for Happy Street by Veera Välimäki. (Her website can be found here, but this particular pattern seems to be available only on Ravelry.) I knew that's what I wanted to get some yarn for; I wanted a vibrant green and either a vibrant pink or deep purple, all in fingering weight yarn. The shop had tons of fingering weight, but most of it was either too expensive ($30+ dollars for 200 yards? No thank you!) or didn't come in any colorways I wanted.

But my eyes finally landed on MADELINETOSH Tosh Merino Light: single-ply, 100% superwash merino, ridiculously soft, and available in vibrant colors. At $22 a hank, I was still a bit iffy because I knew I needed three (and NY charges tax for everything, which is suuuuper annoying), but I decided to go for it. I was able to find green, pink, and purple, but the purple wasn't quite what I wanted, so I ended up with three hanks in Paper (off-white), Maple Leaf (green with bits of gold), and Pop Rocks (hot pink).

And so, I'd been working on the shawl since March. I cast on that night, worked on it religiously for a few days, but when each row started to take what seemed like a million years (my constant struggle with wide shawls when combined with my slow-ish knitting), I put it aside, only to pick it up again at the beginning of September.


I've been wearing the HECK out of it since I finished it. I haven't blocked it because of its size, but the ends are curling when I wear it, so I think I'm going to block it slightly just to see what I can do about it.

Sooo happy with this. Love the colors, love the softness, love the yarn's cushiness, love the size. Love love love!

(Wow, I really need a better camera...)