14 Shawls in '14: Update

Real talk: I'm super far behind on my 2014 goal of 14 shawls.

I hatched my plan back in February when I was working on my second one, Earth & Sky. Ooh, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to make a whole bunch of shawls by the end of the year? At that point, knitting shawls was a relatively new thing for me. I knit my first in the summer of 2013 (this Great Divide Shawl) and immediately realized how much I loved knitting them. When you wear a scarf with your coat in the winter, it's weird if you keep it on during the day. But not with shawls! They can multitask as an accessory, and a cold-preventer. Best of both worlds!

But when this summer came along, I shifted my focus to other things. I was pushing myself toward knitting more dolls, and then stopped knitting altogether for a while when the heat in my non-air conditioned bedroom made it too unbearable. Oh, I'll finish them in the fall, I thought. But this past weekend, I had a realization that that maaaaay not happen.

I've finished 3. (Post on the 3rd to come soon!) I have 9 more on my needles, with at least one more I'm planning to start soon. (That's not too many WIPs, right? Because if it is, I don't want to tell you the number when I include everything else I'm currently working on.) I have a couple more on my to-start list. It's possible that I can get it all done, but I'm beginning to doubt myself.

Honestly, this is really not a huge deal at all. I'm more just annoyed at myself for procrastinating so hardcore on this.


What's on my list for the rest of this year? Check out the photos below! All images are from their pattern pages on Ravelry, and you can click each of them to take you there.


BUT, I'm now looking ahead to 2015 (2015!) and am brainstorming another challenge to do. Hats, maybe? (You know I love a good hat!) Socks? (Not my favorite thing to knit, but I could grow to love them.) I'll let you know as soon as I do!

Happy knitting!