14 Shawls in '14: Earth & Sky

All of the ends are FINALLY all woven in on my 2nd shawl for 2014: Earth & Sky, designed by Stephen West. This guy is ridiculously talented when it comes to designing knitwear, and his style is both eclectic and unique. A bunch of his patterns are kind of whoa, what was he thinking, but when you see Stephen wearing them, you're like yep, they totally work for him. His style is polar opposite from mine, but he does have some patterns available that are super customizable.  And remember: just because you don't like the colors a designer chose to display their design doesn't mean you won't LOVE it in another color or another yarn!  It took me a while to get my brain to think that way, but once I started visualizing patterns in colors and yarns I would use, I thought about them in a completely different light!

I started knitting this one with every intention in the world of having it be my Ravellenics project, and had every intention in the world of finishing it by the end of the Olympics.  Alas, I completely overestimated the amount I would be capable of knitting in that two week span, so I didn't finish this one until this past Saturday. By the end of the shawl, the amount of time it took to knit just one row was driving me crazy. Without stopping, it took around 20 minutes! I know I'm not the quickest knitter, but that's insaaaane.

I bought the pattern a while ago and started making it with some DK weight yarn I had on hand, but I ended up hating it!  Plus, I hate knitting big things on small needles, and the pattern called for size 4.  I didn't like the thicker fabric that produced when combined with yarn that wasn't fingering weight, since I was intending this as a more "fashion" shawl than a "save me from the cold" shawl. Instead, I knit this one on size 6 needles and am using fingering weight: Valley Yarns Huntington. It's a relatively inexpensively priced sock yarn, and since I ended up using 5 hanks, boy am I thankful for that!

The pattern called for using the same color on either side of the MC alternating side blocks, but I decided to use three contrasting colors, so there are different colors on either side of the blocks.  I had seen photos of a few people knitting it this way when I looked it up on Ravelry, and I liked it so much better than the original color pattern.

So, what do you think? I still have to block it, so it will end up larger than it is now, and the border will hopefully not fold in that funky way. I can't decide what exactly it is about this shawl that's making my love meter only hit about 95%. I'm a fan of the color combo - and especially this shade of purple - but part of me wishes I had been able to find a slightly lighter shade of the light grey. Oh well!

Until next time!