This is the scarf that never ends.

 I'm still not sure how my hair managed to defy gravity like that...

I'm still not sure how my hair managed to defy gravity like that...

This scarf has haunted me for at least 6 years.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had been knitting for less than a year and was still in my scarf phase - that period in a beginner knitter's life when literally the only thing you can conceive of making is a scarf.  (Seriously. I bought more yarns because they were "perfect for a scarf" than I could ever possibly knit anything with.) I knit a green scarf for my friend Casey. It was made with a really soft yarn that had both a regular strand and a fluffy strand.  After I knit that scarf, I went back to the store and bought some more of it in a different color to make one for myself.

If my timeline is correct, that would mean that I started knitting this scarf in 2005. 8 1/2 years.

I remember driving to Red Lobster for my birthday, poking my sister in the chest as I sat knitting this in the back seat. I was in high school, so at the very latest, I was knitting this in January 2008 (hence: at least 6 years). But it could have been the year before. Or the year before.

All I know is that this scarf has sat, unfinished, for years, and has followed me everywhere my knitting has gone. College and back, probably a couple times. It haunted me constantly as "that one project I never finished."


But the thought of finishing it made me cringe.  Uuuuugh, I thought every time I saw it. I really should finish that. But it was in K1P1 rib, and to me that is literally the most annoying stitch ever, especially for a scarf that never seemed to want to end. I have no idea what yarn it is, but only that I bought it at JoAnn's, and I think it was some sort of store-produced brand.

But I've reached the end of an era, folks, because I finished it this afternoon. Ends are all woven in. Literally the only thing left is for me to wear all 103 inches of it.


(On a side note, these two photos were taken months apart - one when I was just testing to see how much farther I should keep knitting, and the other this afternoon - and I somehow managed to have on the same sweatshirt. AU REPRESENT.)