Whistle While You Knit

My love of Disney is no secret, but in case you need a refresher, here goes: I LOVE DISNEY.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the ways in which I could express that love through my knitting. Disney films are full of color, and there are so many ways in which that can be harnessed through creativity. I've been doing some stuff inspired by the colors of characters' clothing or of lands in the theme parks, but I was still left wanted to do something more explicitly "Disney."

And what screams Disney more than knitting a doll based on one of the characters?

When I first thought of this idea, it was really just a dream. I didn't have a knitting pattern for a doll, and most patterns I found were either too small, too ugly, or too crochet. I love crochet, but I wanted this to be a knitted doll. I was adamant. If I was going to throw myself into this big project, I wanted it to be done with the craft I preferred.

So instead, through much trial and error, I made up a pattern for the doll myself. I probably ripped out thousands of stitches before I was finally done with even just the body - never mind the three times I attempted that dress until I finally got the shape I wanted - but I got it the way I wanted. A large doll with substance: perfect.

I chose Snow White because she's my mom's favorite princess. When I decided to go for it, even before I knew how it would end up, even before I had a pattern, I asked her what her favorite Disney character was.  Her answers were Mary Poppins (because of her recent obsession with the movie "Saving Mr. Banks") and Snow White. I went with Snow White, because she's one of my favorites, too, and because I thought her dress would be more fun to attempt. I wanted to surprise her with the doll, so I didn't tell her why I was asking. And when I told her the other day that I had made something for her, I don't think anything Disney-related even crossed her mind.

My biggest obstacle was the hair. Snow White's hair is short with some curls right at the neck. How was I going to do that with yarn? I wanted to really emulate how her hair really was, and not just say, "Oh, Snow White has black hair, and this doll has black hair - close enough!" I thought maybe I'd knit a few half-circles and then stitch them together to a large circle atop her head, but that didn't feel right. Instead, I picked up stitches all around the head to create a hairline, and knitted the hair right on. I used short rows in the back to create a little bit of a pinned curls illusion, and used yarn to create her bangs.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Who am I kidding? I LOVE this, and I'm ridiculously proud of it. I'm actually really amazed at myself that I was able to figure all of this out from scratch.

My mom LOVED it when I gave it to her - and I loved it so much that I kinda sorta definitely wanted to keep it for myself.  But I can always just make another one, right?

When I posted a photo of Snow White on Instagram, one of my friends said I should do Anna and Elsa - and I had just started another one the night before, with the intention of making it in Anna. She'll probably be a little bit trickier because her outfit is a bit more elaborate and her hair will take a little more planning, but I'm excited to have her done.

I'll be putting the dolls up for sale as I finish the samples. You can find Snow White already available on my secondary Etsy shop by clicking here!

Happy knitting!