For the first time in forever, I present...

...a new blog post!

For those of you following, you may have noticed my lack of posts recently. No matter - I'm back and better than ever.

I picked up my needles the other day for the first time in almost two weeks. Yes, I can hear you gasping all the way from here. No knitting for nearly two weeks? you ask. How could that be, Maggie? And the truthful answer is this: I don't know.

Here's a short list of things I've been doing instead:

  1. Working. I got a slightly unexpected promotion at work - from assistant to associate (chyeah!) - with a pretty big leap in pay. My boss handed me the posting back in the beginning of April and said I should consider it. It was a posted both internally and externally, so I just assumed someone going for their MLS l would get it (since, you know, that was listed as one of the actual requirements of the job) but apparently I'm just so awesome that they decided to go with me. (That, or they just didn't want to train someone new for the stuff I already do that's part of the job. You decide.)
  2. Cleaning & organizing. Ah, the sweet bliss of a newly organized desk. And a newly organized knitting stash. And a newly organized bookshelf (or pile of books next to your bookshelf because you have far too many books to actually fit on the said bookshelf). And a bed with freshly washed sheets made up all nice-like. ::deep siiiiiiigh::
  3. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning bingeing on Netflix. What, you don't do this? (Stop lying.) I'm pretty sure one of my biggest annoyances about my work schedule is that I don't go in until the late afternoon, and can thus excuse my staying-up-till-three-to-watch-just-one-more-episode with a small, "Ah, well, you don't have to be up early tomorrow." MAGGIE, STOP.

Among other things.


Finally, last night, I picked up the project I've been working on (a knitted Elsa from Frozen) and almost finished her dress. I actually got a lot done with it, so three cheers for productivity! I'm kind of stuck on how to do the upper bodice/sleeves of the dress, so I'm putting it off until I can figure that out. If you look at the photo, you can see that she wears something similar to a sweetheart neckline with some kind of sheer sleeves. The struggle now is figuring out how to create that in a knitted fabric. I'm a super stickler, and really want the end result to look as much like the actual thing as a knitted doll can. Am I being ridiculous and far too picky? Maybe, but I'm a perfectionist who loves a beautiful finished product, and why should knitting be exempt from that? Answer: it shouldn't.

And speaking of Frozen, I finished my Princess Anna doll! Take a look below:

I know I said it with my Snow White doll, but I LOVE this one. I love the details. I love her hair (god, the struggle with that hair). I love her dress. And I really love challenging myself with these dolls. People say you shouldn't be boastful about the things you do, but I'm really proud of myself for these. And kind of impressed, not gonna lie.

Until next time!