what's new (or: projects I've started in the last five days)

Recently, I've been focusing on knit dolls. It began as something I wanted to knit just for my mom, then it became a "let's see how many Disney character dolls I can knit" thing, then became a "I need to put this on the back burner for a while" kind of thing.

Yep, I've put aside those size 6 double-pointed needles. No more dolls for me for a while. At the very least, they won't be my primary project. I was getting a little bored of it, to be honest. I still love the idea of knitting Disney dolls and of thinking of new ways to be creative with how they're made, but the dolls themselves take a while to get done, so it was getting a little repetitive and tedious. Most of all, I missed the feeling of looking forward to putting on what I'm knitting when I'm done with it. Even though it's summer, I really wanted to finish a hat, pull it down over my head, look in the mirror, and say, "I made this!"

So below are the projects I've started since I made that decision on Friday. A note before you read: All photos are taken from the patterns' pages on Ravelry; they are not of my projects. Clicking on any of the photos will bring you to a page where you can purchase and/or access the pattern.

Turbulence Cowl by Laura Chau

When one of my local(ish) yarn shops closed in May and I went to get some yarn at half price, there was a sample knit of this cowl. I loved it; the pattern is so unique and interesting, and I have a new obsession with short rows so it seemed like an awesome knit. And it is! I'm a bit more than halfway done with it; I'm using a combo of green and teal shades of Rowan Creative Focus Worsted and am kind of wishing I had gone with a different color combo, but I'll have my final verdict when it's done!

White Cabled Slouch Hat by Nadia Elgawarsha

I looooove cables, but I don't knit them as often as I'd like to because sometimes they're just a huge pain in the neck - especially when the cables are the ones like in this hat, with multiple styles of cable at once. The end result is beautiful, but it takes tons of concentration to make sure you're following the pattern correctly. But the end result of the projects that take concentration is usually so awesome that, really, who cares? Bring them on! I'm knitting this one in a bright yellow shade of Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Superwash, and I can't wait to get it done.

The Wedding Shawl by Patti Waters

Isn't this pattern stunning? I "purchased" this pattern back in March when Patti was offering all of her patterns for free while she was on her honeymoon. So in one fell swoop, I had all of her patterns. This is going to be my first real lace project, and I'm super excited. I'm going to have to be super careful and attentive to the pattern. I've knit my way through the first two sections already, but wish me luck for the rest! I'm knitting this one in Valley Yarns Charlemont in Teal Blue.

Big Fat Cable Hat by Justina Chong

This is a much simpler cable hat. It's something I could have easily knit up without a pattern, but since it did inspire me to cast on, I had to share it! I'm knitting this one up in Patons Classic Wool in Leaf, which I snatched up at the craft store on Saturday when it was on clearance for $2.99.