Holiday Wrap-Up

Happy Week after the Winter Holiday Season!

I hope that this blog post finds all of you tremendously well. I haven't posted here since December 5, exactly one month ago. I've found that so many bloggers apologize to their readers after not posting for a while (and I've done it, as well), but you're not going to find an apology in this post. Holidays are messy and crazy and loud and busy and full of lazy moments, and sometimes blogs get pushed to the wayside in favor of real life. And that's nothing to apologize for.

Our Christmas tree!

As for that "real life" that I'm supposedly living: it's been good. Really good, I guess I should say, because it has been really good. I'm a happy camper right now at this point in the adventure of life I'm leading.

I'm happy with the man I get the honor of calling my boyfriend; I'm happy that I have the means to make the changes in my life I want to make; I'm happy to be employed, even if it's not a place where I can see myself growing and advancing; I'm happy for the most ridiculous stream of text messages and the friend with whom I share them; I'm happy with the knitting I've done in the past month, and with the fact that I have to means to support my hobby; I'm happy for the sister who understands me and against whom I could never hold a grudge.

I'll stop right there, because I don't intend for this to turn into a sappy happy post with me writing about how blessed I am for my extraordinarily wonderful life. I don't have an extraordinarily wonderful life. Like the holiday season, my life is messy and crazy and loud and busy and full of lazy moments.

But, truth be told, I'm starting to find out that maybe I like it that way. I'm allowed to like the here and now, even if I want the there and then to be different in the future. And this is a really new realization for me, you guys, kind of an "in the past week" realization, but that doesn't make it any less important for me. And I'm ready to live it out.