I wrote just a couple of weeks ago about how I'm not a blogger and how writing regular blog posts often doesn't come naturally to me. I've thought about this a lot in the past and I've been thinking about it quite a lot since I wrote that post.

And when my mind gets thinking, it gets to over-thinking.

With that being said, here are some major thoughts that have gotten into my head time and time again, and especially since writing that post:

What's my theme?
What's my brand? (Do I even have a brand?)
What's my purpose in writing?

And so now I'm going to try to tackle them, and it may be unapologetically all over the place. So, hang onto yer hats and glasses, folks, cuz this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!



What's my theme?

This website started out as a way to share my love of knitting through blog posts & published patterns. Slowly, I added on a few more personal posts. But up until quite recently (as in, like, today) it remained that way: updates about the knitting projects I was very slowly getting through, a random easy free pattern, and a few photos here or there. Nothing more, nothing less, and eventually nothing at all.

But although "knitting" was my original theme, it's not all there is about me. I think it's a good overall theme to keep, but I think that it's possible for me to expand on my every day life without it deviating too far from its initial intended purpose. But I also need to remind myself of one thing: who cares if it does?! This is my website and blog and I get final say on what gets posted on it.

So from now on, you'll get a bit of everything about me: my knitting, obviously, but also all of my other crafts: sewing, crocheting, any other thing I want to try; my boyfriend, my dog, my family, my intense love of coffee, my attempt at a healthy eating overhaul, my job, my eternal quest to figure out the best way to clean my room. And you'll probably get a healthy dose of Disney, too.



What's my brand?

What's my brand?! Do I have one?! Will I ever have one?! Am I worth anything if I don't have that one marketable skill that everyone wants a piece of?!

When I was in the process of finding a full-time, more permanent-feeling job and was lamenting to anyone about how I felt I wasn't really marketable, almost everyone said to me, "But you're smart! And you have a college degree!" Putting aside the fact that having a college degree means literally nothing anymore in the job market (until you don't have one), saying I'm smart does nothing for me. I need SKILLZ. My constant response was, "I may be smart, and I may be 'good at' a lot of things, but I'm not 'great at' anything."

Okay, so that may be a bit of a lie: the things I'm "great at" just aren't marketable. I'm pretty sure there aren't many people, companies, or organizations out there that would be wiling to pay me to craft for a living. I'm an experienced and skilled knitter, but that won't exactly get me a job. And if I don't have anything marketable or brand-worthy about me, how can I sell myself?

These much-needed skills carry over to the blog-o-sphere, too. What am I good at when it comes to blogging? What makes what I'm writing worth reading? Is writing worth my time if there's a chance nobody will read it? Should I even care? If you read that last post, you know that these are questions that run through my head again and again. (And it's also the reason why I think having a general overall theme is important: If people know what to a certain degree what they're getting into when they visit my blog - and it's something they're interested in - they're more likely to stay and read.)

Here's the thing: I am my own brand, and I need to remind myself of that. Although it may not be anything that will get me anywhere, no matter what I do, this will always be true. Right now, all of these things describe me: knitter, crafter, historian, future educator, people-oriented, creative, friendly, kind, and funny, but also sarcastic, impatient, selfish, stubborn, single-minded

Picking only a handful would give someone an idea of who I am, but it's hardly the whole story. Sure, it might be nice to write a blog like one writes a dating profile, accentuating their most attractive, most "dateable" parts, and downplaying the less exciting things, but that's not what life is about. I am never all of these at once, but they are all parts of me.



What's my purpose for writing?

There are a few reasons why I find that it's important to have an online presence now. My shops are growing slowly and surely, and I want there to be more ways to discover them.

But even though I say I don't do well when it comes to blogging regularly, sometimes I just have things I want to say? And since they're often lengthy or not generally something I would post on Facebook, I stick them in a word document on my computer, write everything down in Quip, or post them online. It's usually one of the latter, but I like having a space where I know I CAN write if I WANT TO write.

So that's that. I've decided to start trying a format that will allow me to write anything without guilt while also keeping a bit of the focus on my handcrafts. I'm hoping to leave every post with some photos of what I've been working on. Sounds like a good plan to me!