Etsy Finds: Aran Weight Wool // 9.22.2015

Saturday's post on new Ravelry finds and my discovery of the stunning Charmer hat inspired me to take a look around Etsy for some equally stunning aran weight yarn. It's not a yarn weight I typically work it, mostly because I feel like it's a bit of a neglected weight, snuggled there between worsted and bulky, trying to do its own thing. But it's SUCH a good weight of yarn. Sometimes worsted just isn't quite thick enough for what we want to make and bulky is just too, well... bulky!

So here are some aran weight yarns I've found today on Etsy. Enjoy, and leave a comment if you have a favorite shop or company that sells lovely aran weight yarn!

Click each photo or the shop name to see its listing on Etsy. All prices are in US dollars and shipping prices reflect cost to the US.

Wharfdale Woolworks
Location: UK
Colorway: Banana Split
Price: $18.50 + $7.00 shipping

I may have a slight obsession with every single shade of yellow and gold. This colorway only fuels that fire.

Lollipop Guild Yarns
Location: United Kingdom
Colorway: none provided
(described as musky purple and mustard yellow, fading into ecru down the middle)
Price: $20.65 + $9.06 shipping

Why does it seem like all the best yarns come from the UK? Is it because of their overabundance of wool and sheep? At $9.06, shipping for this skein is a bit steep, but aren't the colors lovely? Being the Disney lover I am, of course I see lots of Rapunzel inspiration. I'd name this colorway "Tower" or "Golden Flower" if it were mine!

A Fine Fish Yarns
Location: Belfast, UK
Colorway: Blurred Lines
Price: $19.07 + $7.94 shipping

Love these speckles! The pale pink makes the speckles not too crazy and allows the more subtle speckles to pop just as much as the bright ones.

Chaleur Hand Dyed Yarn
Location: Idaho, USA
Colorway: Carnival Spills
Price: $15.00 + $3.00 shipping

I honestly can't get enough of this colorway. Isn't it wonderful? It's colorful without being bright, and all of the shades go together perfectly.

(If you click the link you'll notice that it's bringing you to the shop as a whole, and that's because this skein is now mine! So excited!)

So much yarn, so little time, right? ;-) See you on the knit side!