Ravelry Finds: New Patterns // 9.26.2015

Today, I took another glance through the patterns most recently added to Ravelry. I thought, Hey, why not go all the way back to what was most recent when you checked last week? Weeeeeell, 35 pages later, I've finally narrowed it down. I had no idea SO MANY patterns were added to that website each week! Cah-razy!

Here are my picks for this week! Hope you enjoy! As always, click on either the pattern name or its photo to be redirected to its pattern page on Ravelry. Happy clicking!

I'm really a fan of this cowl's triangle shape. It gives the illusion of a triangle shawl but doesn't run the risk of coming unwrapped like shawls sometimes can. I also really love the colors in this sample!

This is more in the realm of "interesting Ravelry finds" than in the "things I'd like to make" realm. It's pretty creative, I've got to say! I'm not exactly sure how those needles stay put, but the "necklace" portion is actually part of a kit (found here, I think) so it has to be secure, right?

I really like this! But the trouble with soft cases like these is that I'd never be convinced my tablet was actually protected! If I were to make this, I'd make it large enough to fit OVER my hard case. That wouldn't be weird, would it?

My favorite of the bunch and FREE! I'd add this baby to your Ravelry library ASAP in case it become a paid pattern anytime in the future! This crescent shawl would be perfect for any leftovers. Definitely adding it to my list!

Two weeks of unicorns in a row? Is this becoming a unicorn appreciation blog? If it means seeing photos of adorable unicorn patterns, I won't complain!

Last but not least, a little granny square action! Classic and classy. Love it.

Until knits time!