2016 Finished Projects [number two]

I finished this one back in February, but I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about it. Better late than never to post about a finished knitting project, right?

There are a couple of reasons for my absence. Here they are:

  1. I'm back in school. Back in school = less time for creating things in general
  2. My mouse ears shop has kind of blown up. Trust me - I'm super happy about this, but working on mouse ears pretty much every waking hour NOT spent doing schoolwork definitely puts a crimp in my knitting life.
  3. Laziness. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to write a blog post. I'm still trying to get better about this!

This time, I'm presenting the Waiting for Rain shawl by Softsweater Knits (or Sylvia Bo Bilvia as she's known on Ravelry). It's an absolutely stunning shawl featuring inlays of SHORT ROW LACE! How cool is that?! The photo on the right shows how it looks all finished, and was slurped from the Ravelry pattern page. (Click the photo or the link above to visit it and purchase the pattern!) It's an absolutely beautiful knit and such a pleasure to knit up. I wasn't bored of it AT. ALL. and that's saying a lot since my attention span for knitting can sometimes be ridiculously short. (Don't ask me then why one of my favorite things to make are shawls which typically take forever!)

I happened across the pattern at the end of last month and noticed that Sylvia was advertising a Knit-Along for the pattern beginning February 1, so I joined in. I was the 6th person to enter out of about 350 - I'm never this ahead of the crowd! I followed along a really fun forum about the KAL on Ravelry and I loved seeing everyone's yarn choices. I also just love the support everyone is giving each other, no matter how quickly or slowly they're making their way through the pattern.

As for me, I chose to go with some madelinetosh Feather in Found Pottery. It's a beautifully colorful speckled yarn that looks ridiculously lovely when knit up, so much more so that it does in the skein. This really confirmed for me that sometimes you just need to see yarn knit up to realize its true potential because this yarn SURPRISED me so much when I started knitting. I love it!

I decided to name my shawl Magic Gardens, and the inspiration for the name came from two places. The colorway I'm using is called Found Pottery, and it immediately made me think of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. It's a permanent public art exhibit in Philadelphia, and the museum's main feature is an outdoor gallery created by artist Isaiah Zagar who "created the space using nontraditional materials such as folk art statues, found objects, bicycle wheels, colorful glass bottles, hand-made tiles, and thousands of glittering mirrors." (quoted from website - click above to visit)

Because the Magic Gardens include to many re-purposed materials - including ceramics and pottery - I thought it would be a perfect name! But as I started knitting, I also realized how much the colors remind me of those that would be in a garden: greens with pinks and purples and blues, all like flowers. So the name stuck, and it worked out to be more fitting than I had originally intended!

I followed the pattern completely as written, with the addition of a few more garter ridges at the end because I had plenty of yarn left. The pattern said to knit 12 rows (6 ridges) and I knit 20 rows (10 ridges).

Sadly because my camera skills are severely lacking, this is the only photo I have of the shawl fully complete. It's more to show off the short row lace sections than anything else; if you want a good look at the color, see the photos above. :)

Update on my Ashburn Shawl from my previous post:

I blocked it and THE DARK BLUE BLED ONTO THE OTHER TWO COLORS. It really isn't that noticeable to be honest, and you'd probably only notice it if you were really looking (in fact, I didn't even realize it until a few days after I was done blocking!) but since I spend SO much time and SO much energy and SO much money on it, it's really frustrating to finish it with a slight feeling that you've ruined it.

A friendly raveler commented on my Ravelry project page about it, saying:

Ah…go easy on yourself about the bleeding. It happens. Your colors are great and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use from such a beautiful shawl.

And she really is right. Things like this happen and the shawl is still really lovely. I'm just disappointed in myself for not thinking the suuuuper dark blue would bleed onto the other two light colors. But oh well! You live and learn!

Until next time... happy knitting!