Why is your blog called m squared knits?

Both my first and last name begin with the letter M. Technically it should be 2m knits, I guess, but I like what I've come up with better, and it's written in all lowercase letters because I liked the way it looked. Because one of the words is only one letter, it looked a bit weird to me when I typed out "M Squared Knits." Plus, I like the informality of lowercase letters.

But you crochet too, right?

I do! But m squared knits & crochets doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it? There's also the fact that knitted items are often referred to as "knits," especially when referring to worn items, but I've never heard anyone call crocheted items "crochets." So, it's multipurpose: I knit, and I knit knits.

Do you sell anything you make?

Yes! Clicking "Shop" on the menu above will bring you to my Etsy shop, where you can look at what I currently have to offer. If you're interested in my second shop, where I sell items inspired by the films of Disney, hover over "elsewhere" up top, and choose "shop" on the menu that comes down. (Or click here. That works, too.)

What's your knitting & design style?

Mostly everything I knit is about color. I love bright colors and want to reflect that it what I knit and wear. It also doesn't hurt to have a bright accessory to wear in the dingy, cold months of winter. Who wants to add to that when you're already miserable from the cold?

Why does your color scheme keep changing?

If I haven't mentioned this enough already, I love color, so every so often I'll change the color scheme of everything to whatever I'm feeling that day. Maintains the element of surprise. :)


Knitting Notions

These are some rules I like to live by when it comes to knitting and yarn:

  1. Never buy yarn that doesn’t feel right in your hands, no matter how pretty it is.
  2. Never undervalue your finished product.  You worked hard on it and deserve to be proud of what you've done!
  3. Never worry about how much you spend on your yarn.  Whether you spend $1 or $100, be proud of what you're going to make with it.
  4. BUT ALSO, never deny yourself if you want to spend $100 and have the means to do so.  Treat yo' self!