All That Pesky Legal Stuff

Question: Why would this website have a page devoted to legal stuff?
Answer: Better safe than sorry!

Here are a few things I have to say about what I'm posting on this website:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, everything posted on this website was knit by me.
  2. I own all of the content posted on this website, with the exception of:
    1. Photos posted as an example of a pattern, displaying a finished product knit by someone other than myself. These photos all belong to their respective owners, who have been named and/or linked to in the blog post or by click-through link on each photo.
  3. I will always acknowledge when a pattern I've knit was not designed by me.
  4. Please respect the creative copyrights of all designers and never resell their original designs for profit. Please reference each individual pattern for copyrights, including whether or not you may sell a finished product.

That's it for now!

If you see or have an issue with any of the content posted on, please e-mail me (Maggie McGuire) at with the details. I will take action to remove or edit the content as soon as I am able.